Why Buy Antique Furniture Part Nine

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The other reason that your antique furniture is going to be unique is that even when there were more of the same model made, the majority of them will have died a death long ago and ended up on the scrap heap – your furniture is likely one of the sole survivors of its kind. Then on top of this
Even if someone should have the same piece of antique furniture as you, then the fact that antique furniture is… antiqued will mean that it will likely look different. The dents and the scratches will be in different places and they will have faded or been stained to different degrees so that even the colors are different and this means that your antique furniture will look completely unique and individual.

And then there’s the fact that your other antique furniture will be different too. As mentioned you can choose this completely independently of any ‘set’ or any rules and that means that you can have any selection you want. In short your room is going to look completely different from anyone else’s and be truly a labor of love that you can feel much more proud of than you would had you just ordered in a simple modern set.

And that is added too more because your antique furniture is going to have its own story and its own history and its own cultural heritage. Antique furniture is almost like people and each piece has got a different story and a different history. For instance there’s the fact that each piece of antique history will have been owned by countless different people for different amounts of time. You don’t know who owned your antique furniture – it could have been a famous writer, a king or a queen, or perhaps an Italian matador.

Why Buy Antique Furniture Part Eight

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This then means that you can add and remove pieces of furniture and you are completely free to do so without ruining the feel of the room. It also means that your room has more personal style and is more something that you personally crafted and explored yourself rather than coming as a set which is sort of… cheating.

This makes your room more personal then, and at the same time for the same reasons it makes your room more unique. In fact, each piece of antique furniture you get from the antique furniture shop is likely to be unique for several reasons. The main reason is that in most cases these pieces of antique furniture are going to be hand made. That’s great in itself – the amount of craftsmanship and the amount of time and care that went into your antique furniture as opposed to a mass-produced modern manufactured piece of furniture is going to be vastly different. This then means that you enjoy a more well designed and lovingly crafted item.

At the same time though this also means that your antique furniture is not just one piece off of an assembly line so you’re not going to meet its identical twin when you visit someone else’s house. More to the point when you show someone around your home they’ll never have seen your furniture before in 90% of cases making it into more of an impressive experience and making them more in awe of your furniture (and it will help that you hunted it all out and found it).

This then means that you will be able to show off your home more and rest assured that it is completely unique.

Why Buy Antique Furniture Part Seven

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It also means you can probably suit the style of your room perfectly and fit almost any requirement. If you have a funny shaped space in the corner, then there’s bound to be a piece of antique furniture for you if you look in enough antique furniture shops – because someone throughout history will have had a room that’s the same shape as yours.

This also means that you can pick anything you like and mix and match your items to have any look you like which is something that you really can’t do for the most part with modern furniture. The problem with modern furniture in many cases is that it is designed to be part of a set – you get sets of suits and you get tables designed to match the desks. This all looks great but it is prohibitive in a number of ways. It means for instance that if one piece of your furniture should break you can’t then just replace it with another piece because it won’t match the set. It means also that anything you add to the room has to look like it came from the set, and even then it’s going to look slightly ‘off’ much like having a suit jacket that is just slightly different from the trousers.

And so if you want your room to look great you need to go the antique furniture route. By getting antique furniture you manage to make your furniture look once again, purposefully unmatching. You don’t want your furniture to match when it’s from an antique furniture shop, rather you want it to look ‘eclectic’ and to have it’s own personality. It’s supposed to look somewhat as though you traveled the world and time and found your various picks of furniture along the way and just assembled them together to form one great room design.

Why Buy Antique Furniture Part Six

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Furthermore there’s the self-conscious element again. Because you clearly chose antique furniture for its being out of time, it then doesn’t ever look as though you’ve accidentally purchased something and let it go out of fashion, and it doesn’t look as though you simply didn’t know what the fashion was.

In fact, antique furniture is in fashion, and retro chic is probably bigger now than it has ever been. However it is big in a way that means it won’t go out of fashion – people have been using antique furniture since your antique furniture was new and so it is a design choice that will always look classy and never look dated.

There’s a similar reason to pick antique furniture in terms of style too, and that’s that it allows you to do a lot more and provides you with a lot more choice than modern furniture. Firstly this is in terms of simply the breadth of the selection and what’s on offer. Visit your nearest antique furniture shop and look around and you will see that it is filled with a huge plethora of different items and products and there is more selection than at any other kind of furniture shop.

Why’s this? Well when you visit furniture shops you are normally looking at a whole range of furniture from the last two years – furniture from all the big manufacturers and designers in the world and that gives you a pretty big selection.

However when you buy antique furniture from an antique furniture shop, then you are looking at furniture by every designer and from every country, and from all of time. There’s obviously going to be a bigger selection because you are choosing from furniture that’s from the past several decades. This then means you can get any style you like the idea of.

Why Buy Antique Furniture Part Five

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That reason is that antique furniture, for obvious reason, will never date. This is because it has already dated, a long time ago, but since then it has gone on to become old enough to be counted as timeless and classic. Minimalism is currently highly modern and is something that is found in a lot of interior design. Right now that looks great but there is a downside – and that’s that in ten years it’s sure to look incredibly dated. A lot of white is currently used in interior design, and this is very much associated with the future and with forward thinking due to several other associations – it’s in lots of films that are set in the future for instance, and it’s the color of the currently cutting-edge Apple brand of computers. All this means that white is ‘in’ and that the future is white.

However in those ten years this is going to be very much a mark of the times and it is sure to look very much dated. This is just the same as green bathrooms. Once green for your bathroom was all the rage and so everyone around at the time bought into it. Unfortunately everyone around at the time is now mostly old and that means that the people who have green bathrooms are elderly. Look at your gran’s house and theirs a good chance that they have a green bath and a green toilet (and probably cream tiles with kitsch flowers). It’s become so synonymous with that era that it now feels dated.

This won’t happen with any antique furniture you buy. That’s because it’s too old for anyone to remember it being associated with an era and this means that in turn it will be timeless.

Why Buy Antique Furniture Part Four

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It’s not a huge mark, but it will nevertheless be a small imperfection on an otherwise perfect table and this means that it’s the first place the eyes are naturally going to go.

On the other hand if that was a piece of antique furniture the dent would just be one more of many and the staining would create a kind of rustic look – much how you might stain an old map to make it look like a pirate map. In other words this just adds to the character and the feeling of the antique furniture.

This means that you have a room that you can relax in and be yourself in and not worry about any damage occurring to your furniture in. Likewise it means that you can enjoy a room that looks well designed and maintained and you can show that room off to guests as well. Finally it means that it will be a lot longer before you swap furniture – it will never look more old and tired than it does now so you will never have to replace it until you want to and that means you save a lot of time and effort and more importantly a lot of money that you otherwise would have had to spend on new furniture. With antique furniture you are able to be self consciously old and damaged and that means that you can never look accidentally old and decrepit and you will save yourself a lot of money and look great all year around.

And there’s another reason that you will never have to get rid of furniture from antique furniture stores and another reason why it’s such a good investment (and this reason is another reason it stays looking so good year round too).

Why Buy Antique Furniture Part Three

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Likewise if you were to somehow damage the antique furniture – to scratch it or knock it – then that would just add to the weathered effect of the furniture. Believe it or not there is such thing as ‘antiquing’ and this means taking an object that is completely new and crisp and then essentially making it look a whole lot older by dripping acid on it, clobbering it and spilling tea. It sounds like great fun…

Of course this isn’t something you should do with your genuine antique furniture. If you bought your furniture from an antique furniture shop then it will most likely have genuine weathering and natural antiquing – time is good at doing this. Then if you attempt to add to that by making your furniture more antique you will end up most likely just breaking it or certainly at least ruining it.

What it does mean though, is that the furniture you bought from your antique furniture shops is practically invincible. What would normally ruin a table will simply add to this one and it won’t take just one blemish to ruin the whole look.

Say you buy a new table from Ikea. Chances are it will look just great and be shining and reflective and will make your whole room look more modern. If you put a great computer on it too then it will really create that feeling of modernity and high tech design. But then you drop your glass on it and it chips it and spills orange juice. What you now have, after cleaning up the mess, is a chip in your reflective surface, and staining down one leg.

Why Buy Antique Furniture Part Two

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When you buy furniture normally it is not an investment in the slightest. Rather it is going to just lose value over time and when you come to sell it you probably won’t get anything for it – most of us end up just throwing our furniture away or giving it away, or storing it in our garage and never seeing it again.

This is essentially then just a waste of money – and it’s rather a big waste of money too when you think about how much furniture normally costs. The question is then, why not buy furniture that is going to serve as a great investment too. If you have the option of the table that will be worth nothing in five years, or the one that will be worth double in five years then it really is a no brainer as to which one you should buy.

It will of course be more expensive to buy furniture at an antique furniture shop than it will be to buy it somewhere more modern and up to date and this is because the item is worth more to begin with too. So you are somewhat restricted by budget here but the point is – if you have the money spare then you should invest that money in an antique furniture shop rather than buying an older chair for a little bit cheaper. Having antique furniture you see is as good as having money in the bank… except when your money is in the bank you can’t sit on it.

The great thing is too that the things that would normally reduce the value of your furniture will actually increase the value of your antique furniture. For instance the older it gets the more it becomes worth.

Why Buy Antique Furniture Part One

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There are many great benefits of antique furniture and many good reasons to invest in antique furniture for your own home. Fortunately antique furniture is also something that you can get into yourself relatively easily and there are lots of places to look online and elsewhere where you can get antique furniture at a good price. Alternatively you can look at an antique furniture shop near you and you will instantly be able to find a wealth of options for your own home. As anyone can do it, there’s nothing stopping you from getting started with antique furniture right now.
Here we will look at what it is that makes antique furniture so useful, so interesting and so great for your property by looking at some of the key factors as to what makes it great.


First and foremost antique furniture is a very good investment, and it is a very good investment for many different reasons and in many different ways. First and foremost antique furniture is an investment in the same way that smartly bought stocks are a good investment – that is to say that they are an investment in terms of the fact that their value increases. So in other words, if you purchase antique furniture today, it will have gone up greatly in price by the next twenty years and this means that you can sell it on at a serious profit.
You can also upscale this profit by buying more antique furniture. You’ll make a great profit on one piece of antique furniture from the antique furniture shop in one year’s time – so imagine how much profit you would make from ten or twenty pieces of antique furniture.

Designing a Vintage Library/Study Part Ten

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There are a few more considerations you need to make when you want to design your library or study room. For instance you might want a rug and this will be a great way to add some color or culture to the room. Persian rugs are particularly popular and these feature antique designs, frills and lots of golds and dark greens to make the room feel more worldly again. These also give you some respite from your hardwood floors and mean you can lie down – or let your faithful hound lie down.]

If the room is big enough then a fireplace is a perfect addition that will create a low level flickering light as well as a nice source of warmth that you can gather around. Again it adds to the cosy and homely feel that this antique furniture creates.

Lighting in general is an important consideration in any room and you need to light your room in a way that is still retro and classic. Having oil lamps is a nice idea but sometimes you’ll need something brighter – so don’t be afraid to use a more powerful desk lamp and in fact sometimes matching the classic with the modern creates the best look of all making your room modern while still borrowing from historical writers and painters.

And speaking of painters, try to find some art too to go on the walls to inspire debate and creativity and to break up the walls. Finally a great addition that will really match your antique furniture is a telescope that can allow you to survey the stars – and what could be more inspiring than that?